The Tidbits Begin

I did not start this blog with a notion that I am the smartest or most experienced person in the world. Quite the contrary, as my G.P.A. and my Mother like to remind me, I am not the smartest person for my age nor do I have close to as many experiences as parents do. I am writing this blog because I know that most people can relate to not being the best or knowing the most. I want to provide a place where people can escape their own realities into someone else’s and maybe even come away with some new information or a grin.

I am writing this blog because sometimes it is nice to know that other people have similar tidbits to share. My tidbit topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Faith/Christianity
  • Writing
  • Working/Jobs
  • Friendship
  • Reading
  • College
  • Exercise
  • Family
  • Sports (tennis, hockey, and disc golfing are my favorites)
  • Posters
  • Texting
  • Clothes (I own quite a few)

If any of the topics listed above interest you, if you want to learn something new, or if you want to experience something different, I would humbly you suggest you read my blog. This blog is for the people and the people only. I am writing this for me. I am writing this for you.


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