Embarrassing Moments

Towards the end of High School, I was very comfortable with all of my friends. I knew that if I did anything embarrassing, they wouldn’t judge me (too much) and that they wouldn’t make fun of me for it (that often).

Now it is different. I do not know these new college people very well. When I do something embarrassing, they don’t know that it’s an average, day-to-day thing for me. Thus, I was hoping that any new, humiliating moments would wait to arrive until I had settled in and made friends. Then, when those moments did happen, people would already be stuck as my friend.

Things just didn’t go like that. I should have known…

The following is a list of the embarrassing things I’ve done in my first 10 days of college. I think that I am going to run out of embarrassing things to do pretty soon (which is perfectly fine, thank you very much).

*I was sitting in class on Facebook and received a friend request from someone I didn’t recognize. I asked the girl sitting next to me if she knew the person. She looked at me like I was kidding and I stared blankly back. Upon realizing that I wasn’t, she said, “It’s me”. The picture looked way different than she does in person. I swear.

*I did one of those graceful, tumbling falls to the ground. In front of a whole bunch of people. None of whom had problems walking on the sidewalk.

*Some random dude in the cafeteria said “Sis” to me, but I didn’t hear him. My friend told me afterward. I’m going to have to have a chat with my parents. Maybe I really am an adopted child from Russia and he is their real child?

*In science class, we were talking about Salmon and how they go from freshwater to the ocean and back. The teacher asked the class how we could test if the fish used scent to navigate this path. Some other people had ideas like plugging their noses or other kindhearted things. I randomly decided to raise my hand and say something about “Well this is kind of brutal but you could remove their noses or whatever.” I like animals, I really do. I do not want to harm the poor fish, so I have no idea what possesed me to say that.

*I went up to this guy who I had played frisbee with the other day and said, “Hey, I played frisbee with you the other day, right?” He looked at me and was like, “No-o, I like frisbee but I haven’t played recently.” UNCOMFORTABLE.

*I was texting and walking back to my dorm room one night and got all the way to my door when I realized that all the “Get to Know Me” sheets were a different color. I wondered if they had changed them already or something as I pulled out my key. Then I realized that I was on the wrong floor. I would like to insert that I could have been in the wrong dorm, and I wasn’t. It was just the floor thing.

*I was sitting in the cafeteria with some people and pointed to this place some people were eating (we could see them through a glass window), and was like “Oh, is that some special eating place where you rent it or something?” The people around me said something back that I wasn’t really listening to. Later, I figured out that it was not a special room, it was the tables by the door I use EVERY TIME I go into the cafeteria. (I graduated from high school, by the way. In case anyone was wondering.)

Anyhow, I am now pretty comfortable with a lot of the people here since I’ve done so many less-than-intelligent things already. In the end it all works out, embarrassing moments and all 🙂


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