I’ve only ever tried coffee once. I thought it tasted like dully flavored dirt crumbs. In other words, coffee has never really been my thing, I’ve seen people who are overly addicted to the stuff and it scared me off at an early age.

Funnily enough, I may give coffee another shot. The reason for this is that I have been watching Gilmore Girls, where (for those of you who are out of the loop) the mother and daughter go through coffee like I go through jaw breakers. I’ve also been reading Janet Evanovich, in which the main character drinks a lot of coffee, not to mention eats a lot of doughnuts.

Why should this matter to me? Well, I sometimes try things that sound fun in movies or books. I wanted to start public school because I read a book about a girl in school and it sounded fun  (I would like to note that homework sounded way better in the book). When I saw Step Up for the first time I went to the library and found a bunch of dancing movies so that I could become a professional dancer. When I saw the baseball movie called Field of Dreams, I told my Mom that I wanted to join Softball. Many similar stories litter my past.

Some of the things that I’ve tried from books have been amazing ideas! Others, not so much, but it was worth the try. Soooo…

Coffee, here I come. Again.



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