Five Items

I’ve decided to compile a list of the top five, most useful items I brought to college.

1. Mini Highlighter-It is very helpful to have a handy highlighter in my backpack to highlight things in books during class if the teacher mentions anything specific. I would not want to take my other four highlighters everywhere because take up space in my backpack (although they are VERY helpful as well).

2. Closet Organizer-I have a lot of stuff and being able to put it in little compartments that hang from the bar in my closet is a mess-saver.

3. Multi-Color Pen-I use this pen to take notes in my classes and it makes my notes look much cleaner and easier to study.

4. Granola Bars-I eat on the run constantly and having something to quench my hunger can save me the time it would take to run to my dorm or a gas station.

5. Blender-I can take fruit in a to-go box from the cafeteria and make a smoothie, I only need to add ice or vanilla yogurt. Smoothies are yummy, nutritional, and cheap.

These things seem really random and boring, but have been really nice to have.


2 thoughts on “Five Items

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    I think those are all very good items. I like the granola bars and smoothies on the run. Good ideas!

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