Pumpkin Carving

My Hall Council staff and I put on a pumpkin carving program for our residence hall. We bought a bunch of pumpkins and played Zombieland while we carved.

Some of the pumpkins were really detailed.

Others were cute.

I didn’t make one, but if I had it wouldn’t have fit in one of the above categories. My pumpkin would have been in a category all it’s own, such as Undefinable or Confusing.

I thought I’d save myself a category and the whole gutting part of the process. Gross.

I learned two things from the program. One, pumpkins start to rot if you leave them in a warmish room for more than two days. Two, walking around with 14 knives (for the participants) makes you feel very rebellious. It also makes you hope you don’t see anyone you know. My backup story was that my clothes didn’t fit in my closet so I was going to take all of the knives and cut the wood part into little pieces and create a whole new closet for myself. I doubt anyone would have believed me.

Well, now it is time to clean up the smelly pumpkin guts. Yummy.


No Soliciting

I had some coffee today and am basically distracted by everything and bouncing around everywhere. What does that have to do with no soliciting?

Well, I went to print off my “No Soliciting” sign for my dorm door so that I can be devoid of future knocks on my door from politicians and fundraisers and I wasn’t really paying attention to the printing (this is where the coffee comes in, I ‘concentrate’ on many things at one time). I also went on to print off two other documents while collecting my stuff before leaving my dorm room. Multi-tasking coffee-style.

I then proceeded to the printer to pick up my three pieces of paper with my overloaded backpack. Homework to get done, places to go, ya know?

I found my “No Soliciting” sign in the printer and then looked under it to find another and then another. I began to wonder how someone managed to print off the same photo off of Google as me. I kept looking through the stack for my other documents and by the time I got to the fifth or sixth paper, I concluded that there were definitely not that many people with the same good taste in soliciting signs as me (at exactly the same time). There were eleven copies total.

Probably a printer glitch, I told myself.

I went on to find eleven copies of my next document. Then eleven more of my final document. Maybe no longer a printer glitch? I then realized that the printing setting were set on “previous settings” and the last thing I printed out was eleven posters. Cool.

I felt rather silly and told the story to my friend, feeling foolish but wanting to get it out. She just laughed and said that once she added an extra zero when she meant to print ten copies of something. That made me feel ever so much better.

So, anyone want a stylish “No Soliciting” sign?


Today was my first day doing laundry.

Okay, I’ll amend that statement. It was my first time doing laundry in the basement of my residence hall. I’ve done laundry in other places before, but this was a bit different.

First, I didn’t know where to swipe my ID card and had to go ask before I found the black box off to the side of all of the washers. I successfully swiped my card and then proceeded to the washer and started loading the laundry in. I was distracted by the buttons for “Whites”, “Colors”, and “Darks”. I tried pressing “Colors” repeatedly and with more force each time to no avail. When I covertly looked to see if the one person sitting in the chairs off to the side noticed my obvious inability, I was happy to find she had not. I then finished adding my clothes as if I knew how to make the button work. I even added my detergent in the right slot after ruling out the slots for “bleach” and “fabric softener”.

My first epiphany came at this point. Maybe once I closed the door with all my clothes inside, the buttons would work? I was correct.

The rest of the washing process went as planned. I waited for the timer to count down to zero and transferred my clothes to the dryer (I only dropped one thing and, fortunately, no one noticed). Then I went to the black box again, swiped my card and typed in the number for the dryer. It took the correct amount of money and I watched to make sure it would start.

It didn’t.

I swiped two more times, trying different things as I went along. Nothing worked. I wandered over to the dryer, wondering if I had gotten the faulty machine. But then I noticed the buttons. Buttons! I pressed the one for “Colors” and the dryer started. Brilliant, right?

Someone got a few free dries and I learned how to use the laundry machines on campus. All for under $5!

Study Time

I’ve been trying out new places to study for a few weeks now. Here is what I’ve found:

1. Dorm room = bad. Talk about TV, food (my granola bars are depleting rather quickly), and posters (Batman or Spy vs. Spy, anyone?).

2. The lobby = Very bad! Way too many distractions there.

3. The library =Good, as long as I’m okay with the whole morgue feeling.

4. Outside = Yeah, not even gonna try that one. Too many people.

5. With friends = Haha.

6. Hallways with tables by cafeteria = Not so good, especially when someone stomps by. Or when someone has a million zippers on their backpack. Also, Skype can be a bit obnoxious.

7. Quiet lounge by offices = Very good, I actually get some solid studying done. (Unless I face a window like I am now…)

8. Coffee shop = Great. The atmosphere is mind-stimulating.. I always feel smarter with coffee.

And now, back to the studying. Probably.

The Gathering

Over the weekend, I attended The Gathering. It was a retreat that included other churches and groups besides Chi Alpha (my group) and although I barely got any sleep, I had an absolutely smashing time.

The speaker was true to God, he spoke only what God was telling him to even if that meant changing his sermon at the last minute. The overall theme of the weekend was receiving what God has for us. The speaker explained that we need to know that God has offered us many things and that we can never truly repay the debt Jesus paid for us. We can only Love God.

Another thing that was emphasized is that only God knows everything and that we will never understand it all. We get glimpses of the whole picture. That struck me because I know that if I truly love Christ, I can let the fact that I will never really comprehend everything go. My love for God needs to constantly conquer my need to be in control and know everything.

The one word that stuck out more than any other was complacent. Retreats are really fun and get everyone excited about living for Christ, but it is easy to come back home and allow complacency to take over. It’s easy to fall back into the same rut and love for God be forgotten.

I want this time to be different.

I do not want to fall into complacency or fear of being a true Christian. I want to stay in touch with God all the time. I want to strengthen my love for Jesus.

I will not fall into complacency and let love be lost.

The retreat let me walk away with many new things to think about  and act upon. I also made many supportive friends to help me stay away from complacency. Successful weekend? I know so.

What I do…When I’m Supposed to Be Doing Something Else.

Right now I should be…





working out


something more productive

But who actually does the things they are supposed to do? Oh wait, I usually do.

I just procrastinate first.

You see, it is always much more enjoyable to be reading a stupendous book, or having a texting conversation, or writing a blog when you should be doing something else.

Guilty pleasures is what average things become when you are supposed to be doing something else.

Fascinating, right?

Probably more fascinating to me than to you because I really should be studying my American Politics book so that I can keep up in the class competition (more on this later). Unless you have something you should be doing, too? If so, I’ve just created a guilty pleasure…or post?