The Gathering

Over the weekend, I attended The Gathering. It was a retreat that included other churches and groups besides Chi Alpha (my group) and although I barely got any sleep, I had an absolutely smashing time.

The speaker was true to God, he spoke only what God was telling him to even if that meant changing his sermon at the last minute. The overall theme of the weekend was receiving what God has for us. The speaker explained that we need to know that God has offered us many things and that we can never truly repay the debt Jesus paid for us. We can only Love God.

Another thing that was emphasized is that only God knows everything and that we will never understand it all. We get glimpses of the whole picture. That struck me because I know that if I truly love Christ, I can let the fact that I will never really comprehend everything go. My love for God needs to constantly conquer my need to be in control and know everything.

The one word that stuck out more than any other was complacent. Retreats are really fun and get everyone excited about living for Christ, but it is easy to come back home and allow complacency to take over. It’s easy to fall back into the same rut and love for God be forgotten.

I want this time to be different.

I do not want to fall into complacency or fear of being a true Christian. I want to stay in touch with God all the time. I want to strengthen my love for Jesus.

I will not fall into complacency and let love be lost.

The retreat let me walk away with many new things to think about  and act upon. I also made many supportive friends to help me stay away from complacency. Successful weekend? I know so.


2 thoughts on “The Gathering

  1. Here In this Moment says:

    I love the word complacent – I mean, not really. I don’t love the meaning of it, but unfortunately it often describes me with my walk with God. Way to go, refusing the complacency!! I love that!! 🙂

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