Study Time

I’ve been trying out new places to study for a few weeks now. Here is what I’ve found:

1. Dorm room = bad. Talk about TV, food (my granola bars are depleting rather quickly), and posters (Batman or Spy vs. Spy, anyone?).

2. The lobby = Very bad! Way too many distractions there.

3. The library =Good, as long as I’m okay with the whole morgue feeling.

4. Outside = Yeah, not even gonna try that one. Too many people.

5. With friends = Haha.

6. Hallways with tables by cafeteria = Not so good, especially when someone stomps by. Or when someone has a million zippers on their backpack. Also, Skype can be a bit obnoxious.

7. Quiet lounge by offices = Very good, I actually get some solid studying done. (Unless I face a window like I am now…)

8. Coffee shop = Great. The atmosphere is mind-stimulating.. I always feel smarter with coffee.

And now, back to the studying. Probably.


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