Pumpkin Carving

My Hall Council staff and I put on a pumpkin carving program for our residence hall. We bought a bunch of pumpkins and played Zombieland while we carved.

Some of the pumpkins were really detailed.

Others were cute.

I didn’t make one, but if I had it wouldn’t have fit in one of the above categories. My pumpkin would have been in a category all it’s own, such as Undefinable or Confusing.

I thought I’d save myself a category and the whole gutting part of the process. Gross.

I learned two things from the program. One, pumpkins start to rot if you leave them in a warmish room for more than two days. Two, walking around with 14 knives (for the participants) makes you feel very rebellious. It also makes you hope you don’t see anyone you know. My backup story was that my clothes didn’t fit in my closet so I was going to take all of the knives and cut the wood part into little pieces and create a whole new closet for myself. I doubt anyone would have believed me.

Well, now it is time to clean up the smelly pumpkin guts. Yummy.


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