Time, Balance, and Life

Time is both limited and infinite in college. Limited when it is the night before a big test and decisions must be made on whether to study or socialize, to sleep or pick out the best outfit. Limited is time when one has to choose between watching a movie and working out. Infinite is time when the calendar pages will not flip the weeks before a visit home. Infinite when the test is over and the homework finished and the laundry done. Is time really the same length every day and every moment? It seems not even if the clock belies the feeling.

Finding the balance during that time between work and fun is key. Finding balance between boring textbooks and exciting events. Balance is something not struck as quickly as seconds on a clock and is certainly not as continuous. The search for balance is infinite. Balance is only found for a while before it slips away like the limited hours on the clock.

Time is a big part of life. Life is both time and balance. Life is how one balances time.


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