Write Just as an Apple

Whenever I get a headache, I eat an apple. The apple usually cures my headache, at least for a while.

Sometimes when I feel confused, I write. Writing usually takes care of my confusion. Or, if it doesn’t, it relaxes me and saves someone from having to listen to my complaints.

That is why I will always write. I may get sick of it sometimes. I may fall behind and not stick to my original plan. I may think I am past writing, that I won’t ever go back.

But I eventually keep coming back. Writing isn’t just a hobby for me, it is a lifeline. I don’t just write poems or stories or blogs, I write my thoughts. I write to communicate. My blog just might tell someone more about me than they could know from just talking to me.

Because, you see, I write to say what I can’t speak.



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