Thoughtful Song

I love the Song “I Got Nothin'” by Darius Rucker. I mean, it’s actually kind of sweet in a we-are-breaking-up sort of way.

Probably, I just like it for his voice.

Regardless of why I like the song, it got me to thinkin’. I doubt I would have thought quite so deeply about it all if I didn’t have any homework to get done…But, I do. And I really don’t want to read another page of any book. At all.

Anyhow, does anyone ever really have “nothing’? I mean, even if you have some weird head injury that causes you to lose your memory (or if people mess with your brain like in The Maze Runner by James Dashner) you still have a brain and a body. The same is true if you lose all of your money.

So does that mean it’s all about perspective? As in, someone may think they have nothing when they really do have something? Or maybe one thing a person has outshines all others, yet makes everything else worth it at the same time so that if you took that first thing away, everything else would add to nothing?

I seriously don’t know.

Back to reading.


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