Extracurricular Activities

In High School, I was one of those extracurricular activity gurus. You’ve met a ‘me’ before, one of those kids who is always doing something for a club or sport. By the end of high school, I had participated in numerous activities. I thought I would need them all on my resume RIGHT AWAY for jobs and college.

I didn’t.

So, when I got to college it was like, “NO MORE STUPID CLUBS I DON”T ACTUALLY WANT TO DO”. I decided I would only join fun ones that I really, really wanted to be in. Furthermore, I basically decided I was done volunteering. Who cares about my resume and that warm fuzzy feeling you get from volunteering if I can DO WHAT I WANT?

Then I got to college and joined Hall Council…Disc Golf Club…A Campus Ministry…The Newspaper…

I ended up volunteering through some of my clubs. I felt good about myself. Even better than some of the times I just ‘did what I wanted’.

I wrote a resume to apply for some campus positions and internships. I used SO MUCH of that high school experience in my resume.

Some of the clubs even preferred high school experience. I had it.

That’s when it hit me.

I don’t just join clubs to put them on my resume. I don’t just join clubs because it is something to do. I don’t just join clubs because someone says I should. I join clubs because it’s something I WANT TO DO. They are something that adds to my life, something that helps me with applications.

But most of all, extracurricular activities make me happy.

Say hello to a returned extracurricular guru.




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