“You Don’t Need Makeup”

Every girl seems to have heard the line, “You don’t need makeup,” whether it was when the girl was buying it or applying it. I’ve even heard songs that use a similar line.

I agree, girls don’t need makeup. But, there are very few things in life that we actually NEED. What about those nice sunglasses? That fancy car? The huge house?

So, yes, girls don’t need makeup.

But there are plenty of reasons to have it…check out this list.

1. Makeup often makes people look prettier. (Note that it has to be done right for said effect…)

2. Makeup is a purchasable item, buying it helps the economy go ’round. (Just think of how much blank empty space there would be when you take the makeup sections out of stores like Target and Walmart….or when you put Ulta out of business.)

3. Have you seen some someone break out with zits and whatnot? Covering it with a little makeup never hurt anyone.

4. Putting on makeup is like painting. You know, the whole “My face is a canvass” idea.

5. Makeup is relaxing. I love my makeup time in the morning because it gives me a chance to wake up and think about my day while keeping myself busy (or instead of staring at the wall). In addition, shopping for the makeup is a great stress reliever, I know from experience. I highly recommend it.

Well that’s it for my rant on makeup!



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