A Role Model to Remember

My Gramma was someone I want to grow up to be.

She would wake up at 5am and pray for a few hours of the morning. My Gramma would pray for me. She would pray for whatever I was trying to attain, whether it was the A Team in hockey or the RA position at college. She would pray and pray and pray. 

I want to learn to pray like she did. 

My Gramma read her Bible a lot. She marked it up. She memorized verses and knew the main ideas of passages of scripture.

I want to memorize the verses in the Bible. I want to read it enough to understand the main ideas. Just like my Gramma. I didn’t quite realize it while she was alive, but my Gramma is one of the best role models I ever had. I can’t stop thanking God for the gift of her memory. I also can’t stop crying, even right now.

Her memory is so special even though her recent death hurts.

My Gramma spread the word of God. She wasn’t ashamed of her beliefs or of her devout faith. She knew what she was about and that was God. My Gramma always had the right thing to say when it came to nuggets of wisdom from the Bible.

I want to have that kind of strong faith. I want to follow Jesus without doubt and be bold with my faith. 

My Gramma valued family. She took the time to learn what was new with each of us. She sent her grandkids letters. She called her kids. She gave us gifts. She was so very generous, giving us bags full of things she had picked up for us each time we saw her. She cut out newspaper articles she thought would interest us.

I want to take the time for family. I want to be generous.

My Gramma always looked for the good in people. When people were around her, they always seemed to be on their best behavior, trying to live up to the good my Gramma saw in them. 

I want to bring out the good in people.

I want to be just like my Gramma, a true child of God. My Gramma is someone I can aspire to be like. Her life left me a memory far sweeter than anything that can be bought.





My Gramma truly was a Role Model to Remember.




Official Haircut Story

“It’s not going to look exactly like the picture since your hair is different.”

“I know.”

Cut. Cut. Cut.

“I’m super excited for this,” My hairdresser added.

“Me too!” I replied for what was probably the fifth time. Get over it already!

Chop chop chip.

“You have a cowlick so your bangs will be different in the front.”

“Okay.” Wait. I have a cowlick? WHAT THE HECK. I thought that was one of those something the guys had but girls didn’t. No more ignorance is bliss for this girl, I have a COWLICK.

Buzz buzz buzz. So this is why guys like getting haircuts with the razor blade. Pretty cool.


And so it was done, one of my more dramatic hair transformations although definitely not the first. I saw the haircut on a girl I met and asked if I could take some pictures. And wholah, I now have a “new me”, as one of my professors so kindly put it.

Most people like it. My Dad told me that “It will grow back”. One of my friends asked if he, once he became a bird, could live in my hair. Flattering. (I told him I would consider his application.) 

Most people don’t recognize me. People I don’t know look at it for a while, with the whole helper-skelter thing going one, since one side is longer. 

It was a good choice-I absolutely love it! I can look in the mirror and see someone else. I can feel bold and different in a good way.

This is the point in a story where my Mom would ask, “What did you learn?”

I learned a lesson that I’ve learned before and will probably have to learn again. I learned that when I want to do something, I should just do it and not think about what people will think.

I wasn’t really expecting all that many people to like it, but they did. Or, if they didn’t really like it, they at least respected the boldness associated with something so different. They commented on my daring.

And that, my friends, is my Official Haircut Story. 

Back from Break: A Difficult Week

It’s a Monday and the first day back from spring break. Bad combination. Oh, and as one of my friends so kindly reminded me, we are back to cafeteria food (which isn’t necessarily bad, just not the same as home).

I have been told that I should try and look at things in a positive light. You know, glass-half-full type of stuff.

I plan to try that. You know, just as soon as my allergy medicine kicks in (that I took 5 hours ago) and stops this pounding in my head….

On a different tangent, there are only five weeks left of school! Then I can go home and have a chill summer. I can hang out with friends and read. I will also be selling lottery tickets and car washes at my gas station. Fun stuff.

I’ll just imagine my summer instead of my classes and homework. Or I could just accept that I have a glass and I don’t feel like promoting the fact that it is half full or half empty….

A Few Thoughts on Names: Just a Name is Enough

During my years here on earth, I have been involved in a lot of clubs and organizations. Enough that I probably won’t remember them all in a few years.

Currently, I am in two organizations, and I am a double major with a minor.

Whenever I send an email, I always sign my name with my credentials (clubs) underneath. I just think it seems so cool that it’s not just my name, it is a little part of me. It also looks super interesting and professional. It makes me feel like an adult, like I have experience.

I’ve even been looking to the next few years of college, trying to figure out what clubs and organizations that I can put under my name. I mean, I’d surely die if I just signed with my name.

Or would I?

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

Maybe signing your name is enough.

I mean, my name should mean something. Maybe not to everyone. Plus, there are times when I will want to sign with all the credentials, my mini-resume, especially when looking for a job or sending an important email. The organizations do tell a little bit about me and my life.

But really, I strive to be the best person I can be, not just in one or two organizations, but in life.

Do I fail? Yes. Do I fail often? Of course.

But I want to remember that I am enough. My name means something without the extras when I am working hard to become excellent.

My name is enough.


What if money was no object?

Recently, a friend posted this video. I watched it and it made me evaluate what I was doing with my life.

It made me think, something that most Youtube videos fail to do.

What if money really was not an object? What would I do?

I am not here to answer these questions, as I am just a college student trying to find my way in life. I am posing these questions for you.

Really, what would you do?

I challenge you to watch the video. To think. To answer those questions.

I know I am sometimes tempted to switch into a major that I don’t like just so that I would make more money. Then, I remember that I wouldn’t want to do something I don’t like for the rest of my life.

I remember that God has a plan for me and when I trust in him, I trust in him for everything. I remember that life isn’t about the money or power. It’s about God. It’s about relationships and being happy.

The theme came up again when I jokingly asked for advice about college from an older student today. He took me quite seriously and went through a lot of advice that was actually helpful.

Something he said, that stuck out to me, was, “Make sure you are doing things for the right reasons.” He added that he is passionate about the things he is involved in.

He did not, however, mention anything about doing things for money.

Funny, that.

I plan to periodically ask myself if I am doing things for the right reasons and not for the money. I will ask myself if I am following God and not some random whim.

You see, I want to take that advice and do things I am passionate about.

What about you? Will you trust in God and follow his path for you? Will you do the things you are passionate about?