A Few Thoughts on Names: Just a Name is Enough

During my years here on earth, I have been involved in a lot of clubs and organizations. Enough that I probably won’t remember them all in a few years.

Currently, I am in two organizations, and I am a double major with a minor.

Whenever I send an email, I always sign my name with my credentials (clubs) underneath. I just think it seems so cool that it’s not just my name, it is a little part of me. It also looks super interesting and professional. It makes me feel like an adult, like I have experience.

I’ve even been looking to the next few years of college, trying to figure out what clubs and organizations that I can put under my name. I mean, I’d surely die if I just signed with my name.

Or would I?

Lately, I’ve been thinking…

Maybe signing your name is enough.

I mean, my name should mean something. Maybe not to everyone. Plus, there are times when I will want to sign with all the credentials, my mini-resume, especially when looking for a job or sending an important email. The organizations do tell a little bit about me and my life.

But really, I strive to be the best person I can be, not just in one or two organizations, but in life.

Do I fail? Yes. Do I fail often? Of course.

But I want to remember that I am enough. My name means something without the extras when I am working hard to become excellent.

My name is enough.



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