Back from Break: A Difficult Week

It’s a Monday and the first day back from spring break. Bad combination. Oh, and as one of my friends so kindly reminded me, we are back to cafeteria food (which isn’t necessarily bad, just not the same as home).

I have been told that I should try and look at things in a positive light. You know, glass-half-full type of stuff.

I plan to try that. You know, just as soon as my allergy medicine kicks in (that I took 5 hours ago) and stops this pounding in my head….

On a different tangent, there are only five weeks left of school! Then I can go home and have a chill summer. I can hang out with friends and read. I will also be selling lottery tickets and car washes at my gas station. Fun stuff.

I’ll just imagine my summer instead of my classes and homework. Or I could just accept that I have a glass and I don’t feel like promoting the fact that it is half full or half empty….


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