Official Haircut Story

“It’s not going to look exactly like the picture since your hair is different.”

“I know.”

Cut. Cut. Cut.

“I’m super excited for this,” My hairdresser added.

“Me too!” I replied for what was probably the fifth time. Get over it already!

Chop chop chip.

“You have a cowlick so your bangs will be different in the front.”

“Okay.” Wait. I have a cowlick? WHAT THE HECK. I thought that was one of those something the guys had but girls didn’t. No more ignorance is bliss for this girl, I have a COWLICK.

Buzz buzz buzz. So this is why guys like getting haircuts with the razor blade. Pretty cool.


And so it was done, one of my more dramatic hair transformations although definitely not the first. I saw the haircut on a girl I met and asked if I could take some pictures. And wholah, I now have a “new me”, as one of my professors so kindly put it.

Most people like it. My Dad told me that “It will grow back”. One of my friends asked if he, once he became a bird, could live in my hair. Flattering. (I told him I would consider his application.) 

Most people don’t recognize me. People I don’t know look at it for a while, with the whole helper-skelter thing going one, since one side is longer. 

It was a good choice-I absolutely love it! I can look in the mirror and see someone else. I can feel bold and different in a good way.

This is the point in a story where my Mom would ask, “What did you learn?”

I learned a lesson that I’ve learned before and will probably have to learn again. I learned that when I want to do something, I should just do it and not think about what people will think.

I wasn’t really expecting all that many people to like it, but they did. Or, if they didn’t really like it, they at least respected the boldness associated with something so different. They commented on my daring.

And that, my friends, is my Official Haircut Story. 


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