A Role Model to Remember

My Gramma was someone I want to grow up to be.

She would wake up at 5am and pray for a few hours of the morning. My Gramma would pray for me. She would pray for whatever I was trying to attain, whether it was the A Team in hockey or the RA position at college. She would pray and pray and pray. 

I want to learn to pray like she did. 

My Gramma read her Bible a lot. She marked it up. She memorized verses and knew the main ideas of passages of scripture.

I want to memorize the verses in the Bible. I want to read it enough to understand the main ideas. Just like my Gramma. I didn’t quite realize it while she was alive, but my Gramma is one of the best role models I ever had. I can’t stop thanking God for the gift of her memory. I also can’t stop crying, even right now.

Her memory is so special even though her recent death hurts.

My Gramma spread the word of God. She wasn’t ashamed of her beliefs or of her devout faith. She knew what she was about and that was God. My Gramma always had the right thing to say when it came to nuggets of wisdom from the Bible.

I want to have that kind of strong faith. I want to follow Jesus without doubt and be bold with my faith. 

My Gramma valued family. She took the time to learn what was new with each of us. She sent her grandkids letters. She called her kids. She gave us gifts. She was so very generous, giving us bags full of things she had picked up for us each time we saw her. She cut out newspaper articles she thought would interest us.

I want to take the time for family. I want to be generous.

My Gramma always looked for the good in people. When people were around her, they always seemed to be on their best behavior, trying to live up to the good my Gramma saw in them. 

I want to bring out the good in people.

I want to be just like my Gramma, a true child of God. My Gramma is someone I can aspire to be like. Her life left me a memory far sweeter than anything that can be bought.





My Gramma truly was a Role Model to Remember.




3 thoughts on “A Role Model to Remember

  1. Betty says:

    Yes indeed your gramma was a role model! She meant so much to so many people. When it came to her friends, she also remembered her friends children in her prayers with all their needs. She was a one of a kind best friend!

  2. Sunshine says:

    wow, you are truly blessed having both your father and gramma as great role models. excellent! ♥

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