Situations and Conversations…In Your Head?


I have finally found my place.


But really, it isn’t college. My place is with the people here that I am honored to call my friends.

I’ve made a ton of weird friends who have odd characteristics and are just cool with showing them. There are all kinds of people who have all kinds of different personalities interests in college and it is so nice to meet people who like similar things as me!

People with the odd quirks. People you start to love even if you kind of hate them sometimes (only sometimes).

For example:

Today, I was sitting around with some of my friends and we had a long discussion about imaginary situations and conversations that we play out in our head.

Yeah, you read that right.

Imaginary conversations. In our heads.

We discussed how we get bored and just start thinking about conversations we need to have or possible situations. Even to the point that we will get all worked up about something that someone did…in our head. Or when we get mad over something that someone never said.

Crazy, right? I always thought I was the only one who used my imagination to that effect.

Apparently not.

Now that we found our mutual bond (crazy imagination skills) we have something else to talk to. Another similar interest.

What have I learned from this?

I have found my people 🙂


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