Giving and Getting

My Dad always used to just love watching while my Mom and I opened our gifts on Christmas day. I mean, he would open his, but then just look even happier when my Mom and I opened our gifts. Like being able to give something to someone and make them happy was the best thing in the world.

I thought he was crazy.

I mean, I just loved getting gifts. It was so great! Like I was just being appreciated for being a great person all the time (yeah Mom, I know I wasn’t perfect all the time-save the sass). I pretty much liked getting gifts a whole ton better than giving them.

Then came college. I got appreciation from people in the form of cards, emails, chocolate, etc. It made me feel so good because the appreciation almost always came just when I needed it.

For one of my organizations on campus, they encouraged us to write Of the Month awards, short essays detailing how someone had an impact on campus over that particular month. I wrote my first one for my Resident Assistant because she was someone who made me happy and helped me get through the tough times. She thanked me profusely for the gift and gave me a hug. I felt so good for making her feel good.

I think somewhere around here was when I realized that maybe, just maybe, my Dad was not crazy. Maybe he was right and giving was the way to go.

I started giving more. I started trying to make other people happy by thanking them for what they did for me. I wrote notes and sent texts and thanked others in person.

Today, I got to give a friend a card and I think I made her day a lot better.

I also got to give my friends some nice little treat boxes. They just had random stuff in them  that my Mom helped me pick out, but I felt so happy when I saw their faces as they opened the boxes.

I guess I was just like my Dad.

And now I know that giving is the way to go. That giving might actually make me feel better than getting! (Imagine that, little Oksana who loved opening Christmas gifts.)

So off I go, to appreciate more people. To love to give, just like my Dad.


One thought on “Giving and Getting

  1. Sunshine says:

    your dad has given you his greatest gift…passing his excellent example of a giving person. you are truly blessed. thank you for sharing. ♥

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