Books and real life

Fictional books are very different from real life. As an avid reader, I would love to have a life of the average heroine.

You know, slaying dragons and saving the world all by myself.

However, that isn’t real life. Books are just one perspective on something that didn’t actually happen. Fictional books take out the boring parts of life and usually have a perfectly happy ending.

I think that while my life is not like a book in the slaying dragons way or in the there-aren’t-any-boring-moments-in-my-life way, there are parts of my life that are like a book.

Consider this: every day we get up and do something. We go to work or school or stay home. But we get up. Some people achieve things. Some people fall in love. Some people conquer fears.

We might not slay any dragons as part of our daily routine. But…maybe we overcome our fear of spiders by killing the one lurking in our bathroom.

Maybe we try a little harder or do something more. Maybe we learn and change and overcome hardships. Maybe we exaggerate a wee bit so that our lives seem more like a book.

Maybe our lives really are just a little bit like a book, simply on a smaller scale. Maybe, just maybe, it’s all about how we look at it.


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