Just a bunch of transactions

Ringing people up is one of the main jobs I do at the gas station I work at.

There are also other things I do….

Help people who can’t figure out how to work the pump, wash the dishes, dust the store, make not snacks, socialize with co-workers while counting out of my till, check the work email, answer the phone, and so on.

But while there are a lot of other chores, ringing is probably the most time consuming.

This relates to real life. Life is like working at a gas station.


Well, for starters, life is really just a bunch of transactions with people and items and emotions. Some of the transactions are quick while others make you feel better than before they started. Then there are the one’s where someone thinks they didn’t get their fair share in the transaction.

There are co-workers who never seem to leave like family.

There are chores you have to do even if you don’t particularly want to.

There are people you like talking to and others you don’t necessarily like talking to.

There are some people who need help and others who can help.

There are phones to answer.

There are beginnings, ends and middles.

You can sum it all up or break it all down but in many ways, life is just a bunch of transactions.


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