Reading a Poem and Living a Life

Reading a Poem and Living a Life

When I first read the poem from the above blog post, I thought it was stupid. The poem discusses how mistakes will happen and that you should learn from them and some other life advice crap.

I was rather disappointed. I mean, shouldn’t it be telling me about how I would succeed and do great things and “be the change” in the world? Shouldn’t it be saying how every problem is an opportunity? Who was this person to say that I should go and make mistakes?

So, I mentally ripped apart the poem before discarding it in my mental advice-went-wrong trash bin.

Then, college happened. I went and what did I do at college? I made MISTAKES. Just like the poem told me to do. I never made them on purpose, but they were there regardless. They hurt and they stung.

Guess what came to mind when I made mistakes?

That poem.

“Make new mistakes.  Make glorious mistakes.  Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before.”

Apparently mental trash bins don’t work so well.

But you know what? That poem made me feel better when I’d made a mistake. It reminded me that (contrary to my happy belief) I would not always be perfect or successful.

That poem reminded me that making mistakes is okay.

So I thought I’d share it with you all. You know, so you can try out that mental trash bin and see if yours works better than mine.


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