Why I hated high school

I remember this time of year back in high school very well.

I hated it.

It was the time of year where everything seemed like it was dragging on.

And on

And on….

Homework was boundless. It was never-ending. It was the bane of my existence.Teachers were also ready to leave. They were less interested in teaching. Yet we still had tests. Papers that were due. Things to get done. Classes to attend. The list goes on.

Just awful, those memories of high school around this time of year.

When you are sitting in a classroom and looking outside to the sunshine. You can’t go out there because you have crap to do. But, oh, the sunshine is there. And it taunts you.

I remember complaining to my Mom about how unfair it was that she could sit outside and bake in the sun (and get waaay more tan than me) while I had to do homework. She would say something about how she had already gone through school and done her part and that someday, I would be able to chill in the sunshine. It didn’t really make me feel any better, somehow. I mean, I still had to do my homework.

Somehow, I thought this would all go away at college. Like the end of the year would be better.

And it has, in some ways. I have more freedom and can work on homework at odd hours of the day. I have other organizations to distract me from the stress.

Yet, it is so similar. I guess that maybe this is just one of those cruddy times of year where nobody really likes it if they are in school.

But someday, like my Mom would always tell me, I’ll be able to sit outside. And bake in the sun.

With no homework.

And I’ll tell my children, “Someday…”





Not Quite Over Them: Lunchables


Recently, someone I know here at college was talking about how she had eaten a Lunchable for dinner. I replied with something like, “That’s cool, those are so good!”

Inwardly, though, I was thinking, I am so over those. I mean, who has money for Lunchables these days? I certainly don’t spend my hard-earned money on them!

I forgot about that conversation until today, when I was making myself lunch. Then, I realized that I was slightly hypocritical. I mean, my lunch resembles a Lunchable a little too closely…

The picture to the left is my lunch. (Yeah, I like Spiderman. And cool napkins.)

I think the idea originally came from my Mom after my Dad mentioned the exorbitant price of Lunchables. My Mom then got creative and would not simply cut me up some meat and cheese but would use fun-shaped cookie cutters to cut them! I had butterfly ham and Christmas tree cheese for lunch. Way better than boring old squares. It was the best.

I guess the habit just may have stuck with me…excuse me while I go buy myself a flower-shaped cookie-cutter.