Discovering Steampunk

Recently, I stole some sleeping time to read Etiquette and Espionage. The book was really quite interesting, with a young girl from an alternate, fantasy-like world being sent off to finishing school where they not only teach how to be a lady but also how to be a spy.

The plot reminded my of my favorite author, Ally Carter, and her books about the Gallagher Girls (“I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You”).

The difference between the two books comes with the sub-genre, Steampunk. I had no idea what Steampunk was until very recently. Boy, was I missing out! I deduced what it was when I was reading Gail Carriger’s blog and perusing her site.  (Check it out: I saw her apparent love for the sub-genre and did some more research.

Steampunk is also a style/fashion besides being a fictional alternate universe in novels. It is ever so cool! I plan to buy out the  Steampunk boot industry when I get a chance, and, you know, the money.

Steampunk is also something that I’ve encountered before, unwittingly. Listed are some common examples of steampunk books and movies (from various sites I came upon after a Google search)

The Golden Compass, Philip Pullman (book and movie)

Leviathan, Scott Westerfeld (book)

The Girl in the Steel Corset, Kady Cross (book)

The Time Machine, H.G. Wells (book)

Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Claire (book)

The City of Ember, Jeanne DuPrau (book)

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket (movie)

Wild Wild West (movie)

Cool, huh?

I thought so, too.


What I do…When I’m Supposed to Be Doing Something Else.

Right now I should be…





working out


something more productive

But who actually does the things they are supposed to do? Oh wait, I usually do.

I just procrastinate first.

You see, it is always much more enjoyable to be reading a stupendous book, or having a texting conversation, or writing a blog when you should be doing something else.

Guilty pleasures is what average things become when you are supposed to be doing something else.

Fascinating, right?

Probably more fascinating to me than to you because I really should be studying my American Politics book so that I can keep up in the class competition (more on this later). Unless you have something you should be doing, too? If so, I’ve just created a guilty pleasure…or post?


This weekend was the first weekend I came back to my lovely house to spend time with my fabulous parents. I made it over a month before coming home. Now that I am home, I have done the following:

  • Slept in my own bed. I was able to stretch out and be comfortable at the same time!
  • Sat at a kitchen table. The cafeteria tables just don’t add up.
  • Done my laundry. Boring.
  • Went to garage sales with my Mom and our neighbor-friends. I bought a bunch of name brand clothes for more than reasonable prices. I also got a journal, which is brilliant except for the fact that I don’t want to write in it because it looks so nice.
  • Eaten home cooked meals, a nice change from cafeteria food.
  • Spent time with my meritorious parents. I love being with them.
  • Prayed to God and read my old devotionals.
  • Read my Rick Riordan book.

It’s been a stupendous time.


I’ve only ever tried coffee once. I thought it tasted like dully flavored dirt crumbs. In other words, coffee has never really been my thing, I’ve seen people who are overly addicted to the stuff and it scared me off at an early age.

Funnily enough, I may give coffee another shot. The reason for this is that I have been watching Gilmore Girls, where (for those of you who are out of the loop) the mother and daughter go through coffee like I go through jaw breakers. I’ve also been reading Janet Evanovich, in which the main character drinks a lot of coffee, not to mention eats a lot of doughnuts.

Why should this matter to me? Well, I sometimes try things that sound fun in movies or books. I wanted to start public school because I read a book about a girl in school and it sounded fun  (I would like to note that homework sounded way better in the book). When I saw Step Up for the first time I went to the library and found a bunch of dancing movies so that I could become a professional dancer. When I saw the baseball movie called Field of Dreams, I told my Mom that I wanted to join Softball. Many similar stories litter my past.

Some of the things that I’ve tried from books have been amazing ideas! Others, not so much, but it was worth the try. Soooo…

Coffee, here I come. Again.


Oksana in College

Today I got a care package. It was from one of my Mom’s friends who is, incidentally, awesome! It contained various items such as candy, gum, more candy, faith folders (1 Corinthians 1:9!), a whistle, an Idaho pen (of which I originally thought was bubbles), and an Alice in Wonderland book.

Now, I realize that it is a motley assortment of items. Fortunately, I love them! The only two things that confused me were the whistle and the book. Upon assessing the package, I figured out that the whistle is a Halloween prop. I could be a referee for Halloween! My Dad has this referee jacket from his days of refereeing hockey back in 19…well, during his high school years. Anyhow, now I have a Halloween costume and have figured out the mystery of the whistle.

The Alice in Wonderland book was a bit harder to figure out. I knew that putting it out on display in my dorm was a must and decided that the desk was the place it would be most looked at. It is very cute! Then, I wondered if I could glean a deep moral meaning from the book that would not only help me ace all of my college classes and find myself but also teach me the meaning of life. So I read the book to extract said information.

I liked the pictures.

I didn’t find any deep moral meanings. I even decided that I was thinking waaay too hard. Maybe the secret meaning would come later? I decided that if the book was representative of my life right now, it would be called “Oksana in College’. Cool, huh?

Just now, as I write this blog, I’ve realized that although college isn’t an actual sleeping dream, it has been something I’ve dreamt of for a long time now and a wonderful experience so far.

I’ve certainly met many strange people and seen some crazy things.

Thus, I am now going to write a book about my college experiences, which will turn into a movie, and then become a New York Times Bestseller and…okay, maybe I’ll just stick with the blog.

-Oksana in College