Why do we take pictures?

In our culture, it seems that the reason behind taking pictures is changing.

“If there isn’t a pic, it didn’t happen.”

“Lets go take pictures so I have a new cover photo.”

“That’s a profile pic right there!”

“Yeah it was totally cool, I’ll pull up the picture!”

Heard any of those recently? I have. I feel like pictures are just for Facebook or to prove something about ourselves. If there isn’t picture proof, no one will believe us. If we don’t have enough pictures on Facebook, our lives are certainly not as cool as the person with a million iPhone pics they upload every few minutes.

I am certainly not exempt from the above mentality. I totally take pictures for Facebook.

But I want to take less pictures for Facebook and proof of the perfect life. I want to take pictures to utilize my creativity. I want to take pictures because something or someone is worth a picture. I want to take pictures because I feel like it.

I want to go against this cultural picture-proven-life.

What about you?