Reading a Poem and Living a Life

Reading a Poem and Living a Life

When I first read the poem from the above blog post, I thought it was stupid. The poem discusses how mistakes will happen and that you should learn from them and some other life advice crap.

I was rather disappointed. I mean, shouldn’t it be telling me about how I would succeed and do great things and “be the change” in the world? Shouldn’t it be saying how every problem is an opportunity? Who was this person to say that I should go and make mistakes?

So, I mentally ripped apart the poem before discarding it in my mental advice-went-wrong trash bin.

Then, college happened. I went and what did I do at college? I made MISTAKES. Just like the poem told me to do. I never made them on purpose, but they were there regardless. They hurt and they stung.

Guess what came to mind when I made mistakes?

That poem.

“Make new mistakes.  Make glorious mistakes.  Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before.”

Apparently mental trash bins don’t work so well.

But you know what? That poem made me feel better when I’d made a mistake. It reminded me that (contrary to my happy belief) I would not always be perfect or successful.

That poem reminded me that making mistakes is okay.

So I thought I’d share it with you all. You know, so you can try out that mental trash bin and see if yours works better than mine.


Just a bunch of transactions

Ringing people up is one of the main jobs I do at the gas station I work at.

There are also other things I do….

Help people who can’t figure out how to work the pump, wash the dishes, dust the store, make not snacks, socialize with co-workers while counting out of my till, check the work email, answer the phone, and so on.

But while there are a lot of other chores, ringing is probably the most time consuming.

This relates to real life. Life is like working at a gas station.


Well, for starters, life is really just a bunch of transactions with people and items and emotions. Some of the transactions are quick while others make you feel better than before they started. Then there are the one’s where someone thinks they didn’t get their fair share in the transaction.

There are co-workers who never seem to leave like family.

There are chores you have to do even if you don’t particularly want to.

There are people you like talking to and others you don’t necessarily like talking to.

There are some people who need help and others who can help.

There are phones to answer.

There are beginnings, ends and middles.

You can sum it all up or break it all down but in many ways, life is just a bunch of transactions.

No Soliciting

I had some coffee today and am basically distracted by everything and bouncing around everywhere. What does that have to do with no soliciting?

Well, I went to print off my “No Soliciting” sign for my dorm door so that I can be devoid of future knocks on my door from politicians and fundraisers and I wasn’t really paying attention to the printing (this is where the coffee comes in, I ‘concentrate’ on many things at one time). I also went on to print off two other documents while collecting my stuff before leaving my dorm room. Multi-tasking coffee-style.

I then proceeded to the printer to pick up my three pieces of paper with my overloaded backpack. Homework to get done, places to go, ya know?

I found my “No Soliciting” sign in the printer and then looked under it to find another and then another. I began to wonder how someone managed to print off the same photo off of Google as me. I kept looking through the stack for my other documents and by the time I got to the fifth or sixth paper, I concluded that there were definitely not that many people with the same good taste in soliciting signs as me (at exactly the same time). There were eleven copies total.

Probably a printer glitch, I told myself.

I went on to find eleven copies of my next document. Then eleven more of my final document. Maybe no longer a printer glitch? I then realized that the printing setting were set on “previous settings” and the last thing I printed out was eleven posters. Cool.

I felt rather silly and told the story to my friend, feeling foolish but wanting to get it out. She just laughed and said that once she added an extra zero when she meant to print ten copies of something. That made me feel ever so much better.

So, anyone want a stylish “No Soliciting” sign?