On Writing: Why I like it

I love writing.


A. It’s an escape from my life into someone else’s life.

B. I control the situations in my character’s lives and if I make them miserable and no longer want to be a part of their lives, I can just stop writing that story.

C. It helps me get emotions out while pretending they are my characters emotions and have absolutely nothing to do with me or my experiences. It’s very convenient. Don’t tell anyone.

D. Sometimes, my writing makes other people think about something in a new way or allows them to escape into a different world. And what could be better than that?

I also hate writing.


A. Not everything I write is perfect (appalling, right?).

B. Sometimes my stories won’t leave my head. ANNOYING.

C. It’s hard.




Write Just as an Apple

Whenever I get a headache, I eat an apple. The apple usually cures my headache, at least for a while.

Sometimes when I feel confused, I write. Writing usually takes care of my confusion. Or, if it doesn’t, it relaxes me and saves someone from having to listen to my complaints.

That is why I will always write. I may get sick of it sometimes. I may fall behind and not stick to my original plan. I may think I am past writing, that I won’t ever go back.

But I eventually keep coming back. Writing isn’t just a hobby for me, it is a lifeline. I don’t just write poems or stories or blogs, I write my thoughts. I write to communicate. My blog just might tell someone more about me than they could know from just talking to me.

Because, you see, I write to say what I can’t speak.